Which solar panel installation?

Research your home's energy efficiency Evaluate your solar potential and any limitations Evaluate your options for using solar energy. SunPower designs and installs industry-leading residential solar and storage solutions in all 50 states. With a historic history of innovation that dates back to 1985, no other company on this list can match the experience and expertise of SunPower. As if that weren't enough, SunPower systems come packaged with products, all manufactured in-house by its sister company, Maxeon.

This means that your panels, solar cells, inverters, batteries and electric vehicle chargers are designed to work together and are all covered by the same warranty. The biggest drawback of SunPower? Its high-efficiency panels are considerably more expensive than most competing products. However, its powerful panels are workhorses that offset the initial cost with higher backend production (think of this as spending more money on a car that drives more miles per gallon). We like Blue Raven Solar because it understands that, for most homeowners, the cost of solar energy represents the biggest barrier to entry.

For that reason, Blue Raven Solar developed an innovative solar financing plan that offers flexible, in-house options with no down payment. The results speak for themselves, as Blue Raven Solar is now one of the fastest-growing solar companies in the country and was recently acquired by SunPower. Your BluePower Plus+ plan (exclusive to Blue Raven) mimics the flexible structure of a lease while providing the greatest benefits of owning your system. ADT Solar sets the industry standard for warranty coverage by including a multifaceted warranty, making it one of the leading installers for homeowners who want greater peace of mind.

Whether you want the most efficient solar panels or the most affordable ones, your solar installer can help you choose the equipment that will help you achieve your solar energy goals. Until recently, most solar systems installed in homes were simple grid-connected systems because this is the cheapest type of solar system. Before deciding how best to use solar electricity in your home, evaluate the potential solar energy that can be produced in your direction. Your solar energy installer and local utility company can give you more information on the exact steps you'll need to take to power your home with solar energy.

Installing solar panels not only allows you to save a lot on your electricity bills, but it also helps you reduce your carbon footprint and gives you more independence, especially when you combine solar energy with battery storage. Of course, there are certain scenarios where rooftop solar panels are not a good option, for example, if you have nowhere to place the system, plan to move soon, or your energy costs are already low. The residential solar calculator above will help you determine if solar panels are right for your home and will provide you with local information on costs, savings, tax credits, and other local incentives. The panels are placed on the shelves and the inverter (or several microinverters) is connected to the panels.

Buying and installing a system that you own and maintain in its entirety is no longer the only option if you want to opt for solar energy. Specifically, you'll need to obtain all appropriate permits and documentation to ensure that your solar panel installation is legal and meets all local security and zoning requirements. If you want to know how many solar panels you need to power your specific home, you can use the solar panel cost calculator. Once you choose the best solar installation company for your home and sign a contract, the company will send an engineer to your home to evaluate your current electrical system and ensure that everything is compatible with the design of your intended solar panel system.

To maximize your savings on solar energy, it's best to opt for solar energy sooner rather than later so you can take advantage of as many rebates as possible. Basically, this means that you will be assigned a schedule for an installer to assemble your solar panels as soon as they arrive from the dealer. Your solar energy installer will come forward and begin preparing your roof, specifically verifying that all the shingles are properly placed. .