Which solar installer is the best?

SunPower, headquartered in San Jose, California, offers the country's largest solar coverage, the most advanced equipment, and unbeatable warranty coverage across the U.S. UU. SunPower designs and installs industry-leading residential solar and storage solutions in all 50 states. With a historic history of innovation that dates back to 1985, no other company on this list can match the experience and expertise of SunPower.

As if that weren't enough, SunPower systems come packaged with products, all manufactured in-house by its sister company, Maxeon. This means that your panels, solar cells, inverters, batteries and electric vehicle chargers are designed to work together and are all covered by the same warranty. The biggest drawback of SunPower? Its high-efficiency panels are considerably more expensive than most competing products. However, its powerful panels are workhorses that offset the initial cost with higher backend production (think of this as spending more money on a car that drives more miles per gallon).

Momentum Solar focuses its efforts on making the switch to clean energy as accessible, practical and effective as possible for homeowners. With simple services and a simple process, it's hard to find a better provider if you live in the Momentum region. Blue Raven Solar offers unique and innovative payment plans that differentiate it from other solar energy providers with similar services. We like Blue Raven Solar because it understands that, for most homeowners, the cost of solar energy represents the biggest barrier to entry.

For that reason, Blue Raven Solar developed an innovative solar financing plan that offers flexible, in-house options with no down payment. The results speak for themselves, as Blue Raven Solar is now one of the fastest-growing solar companies in the country and was recently acquired by SunPower. Your BluePower Plus+ plan (exclusive to Blue Raven) mimics the flexible structure of a lease while providing the greatest benefits of owning your system. BPalmetto's range of services, along with its Peace of Mind Protection Plan, provides unparalleled support to homeowners who are switching to solar energy.

Palmetto earns a place on our list of the top solar energy companies because it knows that investing in solar energy is complex and focuses on ensuring that the customer understands what they are buying and feels supported by their installer. Provides excellent customer service with a protection plan for your peace of mind, including real-time monitoring and responsive customer support. Each of the major solar energy companies offers slightly different services, coverage areas and customer support. SunPower may have earned first place on our list, but that doesn't make it the best solar energy company for all homeowners.

Knowing what products you have in mind can help you narrow down your list. For example, SunPower only offers one brand option. If the options are important to you, or if you have a specific brand of panel in mind, this can help you rule it out. This first step is the easiest.

Most solar energy companies only offer service in about 25 states at most (with the exception of SunPower). Before you contact a provider, make sure they cover your area. Most major solar installation companies allow you to book virtual consultations, but not all companies will offer them for free. For example, Palmetto Solar doesn't offer virtual consultations, but it does have an online calculator through which you can receive a detailed estimate of what solar energy could cost you and how well it could offset your energy bills and carbon footprint.

However, solar panels are an important investment, not to mention a decision that requires careful reflection and research. SunPower has a network of trusted installers for your solar system, solar panels and electricity needs. Unlike other solar panel installers, Blue Raven customers also buy solar panels instead of leasing them, so once the payments are complete, the solar panels actually belong to you. If you use roof-mounted solar panels, consider the condition of your roof before making any purchase, the best solar panels have a life expectancy of 40 years or more, so you may consider replacing or repairing your roof before installing residential solar panels.

However, as a solar installation company, Tesla is constantly receiving negative feedback from its customers. The company produces numerous options for solar energy panels, inverters and storage solutions in four different packages that homeowners can finance through Tesla Financing. Zenernet installers are fully certified and licensed in each state in which they operate, so you can perform a hassle-free installation. Tesla offers solar panels and roof shingles that are designed to be attractive and non-intrusive, so they won't make the roof stick out like a sore finger.

Palmetto Solar installs Q-cells products, which have been called the most efficient photovoltaic solar panels. The two main types of solar panels are photovoltaic and thermal, and within these categories there are some more or less common varieties. ADT Solar sets the industry standard for warranty coverage by including a multifaceted warranty, making it one of the leading installers for homeowners who want greater peace of mind. The difference may not be significant for some consumers, especially for those looking for good deals on panel installation, but it often influences the installation company's warranty.

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